Alison is a talented psychic who is able to attune to what’s really up for me beyond what I can see at the moment, and then help me work through my issues to come to my truth and my answers. I really appreciate her ability to draw out the best in me and see me for who I am underneath all my “stuff.”  I recommend her for anyone seeking for their own truth and wisdom to guide their lives. – Brendan

Alison is a very gifted and talented psychic and energy healer. One of Alison’s gifts I believe is that she is not afraid to see what is truly going on in a person’s energetic field and will not try to sugar coat it. At the same time, however, she is very compassionate, caring and understanding which leaves me feeling both seen, cared for and motivated to take positive next steps in my life. She also has a skill at being able to make me laugh when going through very tough times, which sometimes is a mini healing in and of itself. Thanks Alison! – Lila

We have known Alison for many years, but never used her pet psychic services until recently. We were wanting to understand some things about our very elderly cat, and WOW! Alison not only helped us with very specific insights into the health and well-being of our cat, but also gave us a lot information that resonated deeply with us about the work our cat is doing in this life with other animals and also each member of our family. Even though this was a difficult and dark time (as we were considering euthanasia), she helped us feel safe and light as we laughed, talked, cried, and giggled together with her and our cat. After our conversation with Alison, we were able to see that it was not yet time to help our cat die, but enjoy some more time with her in her elder years. – Amy and Randy

Alison has been healing me for two years. I’ve seen huge transformations in my life and can say I’m not the same person anymore, for the better. She’s a highly skillful healer and reader and I’ll definitely go to her the next time I need help. Her animal communication sessions can change the entire dynamic of your relationship with your pet. – Natasha

I thought my elderly client’s cats were unfriendly, they totally ignored me. But when Alison walked into the room to meet my client and her cats, it was like a kindred spirit had joined the cat-circle. They instantly warmed up to her, physically communicating with her like she understood their gestalt! My client beamed. – Judy Lawten, Sagemont Healthcare Advocates, Boulder, CO